Outsourcing your bookkeeping is always a tough decision to make.

We never suggest one way or the other but provide un-biased advice. Yes if you outsource to us then we get more work but that isn’t our aim.

You should only outsource if it’s a business decision that works for you as it is an added cost. A cost that isn’t always justified. If you are really busy then outsourcing is a great idea as you know it will be done accurately.

If you have spare time, know how to do bookkeeping then there is no reason not to do it yourself. The only advice needed is that make sure you know what you are doing from the start properly. Small errors can always be fixed easily so don’t worry. However, big errors aren’t as easy to fix.

If you decide to do the bookkeeping yourself then we are happy to check the first months free of charge to make sure you’re on the right lines and to give you a few pointers of improvements if needed.