The title of this blog is to show what potential clients ask all the time. ‘What sector do you specialise in’.

When looking for an accountant, it can be true in some scenario’s where an accountant specialising in a certain area would be beneficial. Some examples would be doctors, construction industry and property. However in the majority of cases, you should pick an accountant based on their accountancy expertise and the willingness to get to know your business in detail.

Once an accountant knows your business in detail, this is where they can be most beneficial, finding cost savings, more efficient processes, good contacts and so on. Being a specialist in one area is sometimes beneficial but overall all companies will have differences even if in the same sector. It’s the accountant that gets to know those differences who can provide you with the best advice tailored to your business and not just general advice that may be of no use.

My go to answer when asked this question is that I specialise in accounts and if pushed further I say pharmaceuticals but I feel the need to explain as to why I say this. I only ever say pharmaceuticals as I have very detailed understanding of pharmaceuticals after working with clients for a long time, from high street pharmacies, care home and private hospital suppliers, UK pharmacy wholesalers, European pharmacy wholesalers, European pharmacy retailers, pharmaceutical logistics and NHS contracts. Having this niche that many accountants don’t may put Glacier Accountancy Ltd ahead when it comes to pharmaceuticals but it doesn’t stop us providing an amazing service to any clients in any other sector.

We have years of experience in retail, recruitment, manufacturing but as soon as you say you specialise in all these areas it starts to mean nothing to potential clients. So we specialise in accounts and can guarantee that if you join us then you will be provided with the service that you deserve!